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    Election Description Balance Sheet Name For Economic Journal Balance sheet is one component of financial statement that describes the financial position of a reporting entity on a certain date. The Balance Sheet will also feature a lecturer's research report annually and the Balance Sheet also serves as a benchmark for the quality of lecturer and teacher research in the field of economic education. Hopefully the bud journal remains alive and and continues to grow from year to year. Able to be a reference for lecturers and teachers to develop the quality of learning that is implemented. One element of the Balance Sheet is the balance if the amount of the debit side is equal to the amount of the credit side. This is one of the underlying name selection of Balance Sheet, because the lecturer and the teacher of his duty not only teach but also do the research. The data that data is presented in the balance sheet journal is a diverse field and type of research in the field of economic education. The purpose of this balance sheet is to provide an overview of the quality of a study program having work or research results that can be useful for general calendars. Image Selection: Graph, table, world, dollar in cover of Balance Sheet. Graphs and tables are components that never get out of the economy where graphs and tables show the results of calculations performed from time to time. The world shows that the study in the journal Balance is a study from various parts of the region not only middle in the hope that it can be a Journal that bersekala International and Dollar also shows that Journal of Balance is oriented to be an international-scale journals later.